Moving On! is designed to help student-athletes make healthy transitions to life after college sports.

Even as student-athletes "move on" from their college career, it's important to keep moving by staying physically active and eating healthfully.


Findings on Moving On! are reported in the NCAA Innovations in Research and Practice Grant Program Report.

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Goals and Action Plans

Specific strategies to plan for maintaining a healthy lifestyle by learning how to set effective goals, prepare for unexpected challenges, and discover practical solutions. 


Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Short physical activity and healthy eating activities that are transferable to life after college and require minimal equipment or resources. These activities are designed to be fun and help student-athletes develop new skills.

Exploring Identity

Explore how no longer being a college athlete affects the way student-athletes see themselves and reflect on how physical activity and healthy eating fit within their views of themselves for the future. 

“We value the benefits that Moving On! offers to our student-athletes as we prepare them to be champions in life beyond college sports.”


Once out of college, I was very tired of running after doing it for 7 years competitively, so I struggled a bit to find my “exercise niche.” It did free me up to try new things, such as racquetball and outdoor adventure activities. After I finished having my children, I rekindled my love of running and found that it helps with my stress level and also brought me back to a “family of runners.”

Jenny P. Cross Country.

Anytime a professor or anyone I met asked me to describe myself or give a few characteristics about my life, my go-to answer was, I am a field hockey player. But when my senior year ended, I was no longer a field hockey player. Something that defined me for so long no longer was true. That was the most difficult piece to it- how should I define myself now?

Allison C. Field Hockey


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Funding Acknowledgment

Research for this project was funded by an NCAA Innovations in Research and Practice Grant to improve the well-being of the student-athlete. Additional support provided by The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Department of Kinesiology and Institute to Promote Athlete Health and Wellness.

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